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Basketball Crew


Welcome to Basketball Crew, a dynamic and intense mobile streetball simulator! Let your imagination run wild and create the perfect character! Put together a team of stars and become a legend of the streets!

Score spectacular goals
Play with your friends
Try on dozens of skins

Become a streetball legend!

Gather the perfect team and become the streetball stars!

Feel the rush and enjoy a variety of game features!

Pick your perfect character and style!

Join the early access on Android!

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Bots added to ranked!


Now you can find a match faster!

No need to wait - play Ranked games with bots, master your skills and become the legends of street basketball!

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Q&A #2

Hey, fellas! Here is another mini-Q&A. Feel free to leave your questions in the comment section!

Q: Will the crew capacity be extended up to 20-25 players?
A: Unfortunately, no. It can ruin the balance between new teams and older, more experienced ones.

Q: Will you be adding the Alley Oops skill?
A: Yes, it will be added in one of the future updates.

Q: What about the 5v5 mode?
A: No, this mode isn't going to be added to the game in the nearest future.

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Breaking news!

Breaking news!
Here's what changed in the lastest hotfix:

- The matchmaking in 3v3 bot matches is shortened to 22 seconds
- Daily events and new item packs are added
- Growth fund is now available at lvl 4!
- Ranked is also available from lvl 4.

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