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Era of Legends


Fans of swords and magic! Embark on an epic adventure across the boundless world of the MMORPG Era of Legends. Discover a captivating story, take on refreshing adventures, and try the unique gameplay features.

A whole world of adventures!
Collect them all!
That's how you can do it!

Next generation mobile MMORPG!

Heroes for any taste! Eight classes with unique specializations — is incredible!

Clans, dungeons, remarkable events, raids, and sparkling online stories to tell!

Bombard hordes of demons riding a griffin or hack your way through them in a massive robot! And that's not all!

Begin your Era of Legends!

on Google Play and App Store

Gain unlimited power!


A brand new update is already here! Check out the latest mechanics, familiars, and dungeons it has introduced! Be sure to download the latest patch from Google Play and App Store to gain access to the newly added content. Details:

Have a nice game!

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Black Friday!


Epic Black Friday sale has begun in Era of Legends! 

Do not miss a chance to obtain valuable items and useful resources with a 60% discount. Among the discounted goods you will find:

- Origin Stone Shard
- Gray Meteor
- Enchantment Pack III
- Lv.5 Gem Pack
- Origin Stone
- Familiar Upgrade Pack
- Thick Parchment
- Deluxe Power-Up Pack

These and many other items will be on sale until December 5 incl.

Have a great shopping!

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New servers EU13: Celestial and US10: Guard are open!

Winter came to Eminoor. North winds brought snowstorms and famines; the city was not ready for this. The heroes, already divided by the faction war, were forced to look for new places in order to survive...

Start your adventure on new servers EU13: Celestial and US10: Guard! Find faithful allies and fight enemies, defend your beloved ones and obtain treasures! Create your own story in Era of Legends!

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