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Jade Dynasty


Jade Dynasty Mobile, from the creators of the legendary Perfect World, will take you on an adventure to the incredible fantasy world, where adepts of various schools contend each other in search of the secret of immortality. Savor the amazing graphics, fight epic battles, and conquer the skies!

Relish the graphics
Fly anywhere
PvP battles

Uncover the secret of immortality!

Mobile optimized HD graphics! Enjoy the magnificent scenery to its fullest.

Unrestricted flying! No height or distance restrictions, fly on your own or alongside your friends.

Incredible adventures! Enthralling story and massive PvP battles between the adepts of different schools are waiting for you.

Become the immortal hero!

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New events are already in Jade Dynasty Mobile!


Servers Immortality (NY) + Monsoon (NY) and Dignity (EU) + Awakening (EU) have been merged. We have also updated the events. Check out:

- Heavenly Treasury with valuable rewards and resources;

- Try your luck with the Lucky Tree where you can get Lord Prindi's Bag of Fortune, Ninth Heaven, and other awesome prizes;

- New items in the Store: Dark Phantom: weapon, Wonderful Yunan's Bag: open 10 bags to get 1 battle spirit fragment; 

- Participate in the Trial of Chaos - a brand new event for the bravest heroes!

Hurry up to find your way to immortality in Jade Dynasty Mobile!

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New servers are waiting!


Set off on an adventure on new servers - Rarity (NY) and Samsara (EU) - and check out the events of this week:

- Updated activity chests;

- Heavenly Treasury with espers Star Relic, Firefly Catcher, Spring Landscape and other valuable prizes among rewards;

- Treasure Hunt Auction where you can get Master Lunnis fragments, Ninth Heaven and other useful items;

- New items in the Store: Rainbow Plumage outfit and hair, Tibul's Bag of Fortune Key, and Ori’s Bag of Fortune Key;

- New wine event for real adventurers!

Hurry up to find your way to immortality in Jade Dynasty Mobile!

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The Power of Art

Sylla - the werewolf summoners - are already available in Jade Dynasty Mobile! Try out the incredible abilities of the new class, develop and decorate your Abode, strengthen your characters and discover new battle spirits!

Read the detailed description of the update!

Also, new servers Awakening (EU) and Monsoon (NY) are waiting for their heroes!

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