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Soul Land


Brave Spirit Masters! Adventures full of dangers, powerful monsters, and memorable characters await you at the Monster Academy. Assemble a squad of the strongest heroes, use their unique abilities, and awaken your own hidden powers in Soul Land, the latest mobile game from 101XP!

Key features of the new Soul Land RPG:

  •  Real-time battles;
  •  Unique skills that can be chained into powerful combos;
  •  A large selection of hero classes and specialized teams;
  •  PvP competitions to decide the best among all players;
  •  Battles against mighty enemies and ruthless bosses;
  •  Communities of like-minded players, united under the banner of the same faction to defeat the common foes.

The gods of war shall be watching you on the journey to greatness!

Immortality in fantasy world

Exciting battle-filled adventures across the Douluo Continent! 

A multitude of iconic characters — find your new favorite!

Join a faction, unite with other players, and form an invincible squad!

Face off against ferocious monsters and powerful bosses!

Devise a unique strategy for a team that knows no defeat!

Conquer the entire Douluo Continent!

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