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Era of Legends


Fans of swords and magic! Embark on an epic adventure across the boundless world of the MMORPG Era of Legends. Discover a captivating story, take on refreshing adventures, and try the unique gameplay features.

A whole world of adventures!
Collect them all!
That's how you can do it!

Next generation mobile MMORPG!

Heroes for any taste! Eight classes with unique specializations — is incredible!

Clans, dungeons, remarkable events, raids, and sparkling online stories to tell!

Bombard hordes of demons riding a griffin or hack your way through them in a massive robot! And that's not all!

Begin your Era of Legends!

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Servers EU16: Clash and US13: Fury are open!


Do you know what our elven eyes see? Servers EU16: Fury and US13: Clash have opened their doors to brave adventure seekers. Who knows, perhaps you will be the one to reveal the secrets of ancient magic and gain unlimited power here!

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The Fatal Skirmish has begun!

Another update has come to Era of Legends, bringing several new raids, a unique game mode, and unlocking a hitherto unexplored area of the game’s world, not to mention numerous bug fixes and improvements!

Let’s take a closer look at the new features

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Servers EU11+EU13 and US1+US10 are merged!


The boundless world of Era of Legends awaits! Complete interesting quests, take part in epic battles and fight your enemies on the battleground! We have also updated the events that will start on March 27. Please, check the exact event time in-game.

During the maintenance, servers EU11+EU13 and US1+US10 have been merged. Find more information about this process on our Forum. If your nickname of guild name got numbers after the merge, please contact our support team:

Set off on an adventure and create your own history in Era of Legends!

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