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Jade Dynasty


Jade Dynasty Mobile, from the creators of the legendary Perfect World, will take you on an adventure to the incredible fantasy world, where adepts of various schools contend each other in search of the secret of immortality. Savor the amazing graphics, fight epic battles, and conquer the skies!

Relish the graphics
Fly anywhere
PvP battles

Uncover the secret of immortality!

Mobile optimized HD graphics! Enjoy the magnificent scenery to its fullest.

Unrestricted flying! No height or distance restrictions, fly on your own or alongside your friends.

Incredible adventures! Enthralling story and massive PvP battles between the adepts of different schools are waiting for you.

Become the immortal hero!

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Dream Big!


Have you ever dreamed about relaxing at a hot spring or flying over your domain on a trusty esper? Perhaps you wanted to be able to breed pets or step onto a more direct warpath against evil and its minions? Hurry up and make your dreams a reality with the latest version of Jade Dynasty!

Follow this link for the detailed description of the latest update.

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New server EU8: "Ascension"


New server EU8: Ascension has opened! Explore the world of Jade Dynasty Mobile, meet legendary heroes and search for ancient artifacts! Join one of four schools, improve your skills and become the strongest warrior of the server. Create a clan, love and find new friends. Immortality is waiting for you on "Ascension"!

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Follow The Stars


A brand new update is already in Jade Dynasty Mobile! 

Hurry up to explore a new dungeon, branded equipment, esper stones, and other features! 

Find more information on the update on our Forum

The stars are calling!

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